We came to America from South Africa in 1996 to make a new life for ourselves and family. Originally in the high tech field until the bust of 2000.

We started our own Real Estate Company in 2001 once we moved from California to Austin, Texas which is now our home. Our actual home is just north of Austin about 20 drive in Cedar Park.

Kimberley our eldest daughter was born in October 1998 and Jessica followed in February 2000. Jessica was born in California and a week later we moved to Austin. Justin our youngest was born in April 2002.

We have been very grateful to have done well in the real estate business and were able to purchase a beautiful large one level home with just over 3 acres of land in Central Cedar Park.

Just a heads-up to all your folk out there, it’s over rated. You will find that out when working in the yard and mowing the lawn takes all weekend. Please give me a house with a view and a small yard!

Our dream is to travel the world, initially by Catamaran and sailing the Caribbean island from Dominican Republic all the way down to Grenada ad eventually God willing through Panama Canal and out into the Pacific Ocean.